The Crystal Hotel, Lausanne


"Making your stay in Lausanne unforgettable is my dearest wish."

Located immediately near the beautiful cathedral, old town, and the Beaulieu Palace, as well as countless cafes, restaurants, and cultural attractions, the Crystal Hotel is the ideal hotel for discovering the city of Lausanne.

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The Crystal Hotel Lausanne, a Family Story.

The Crystal Hotel Lausanne was founded in 1979 and had 29 rooms. In 2016, Cédric Fiora decided to buy the establishment from his parents after managing it for a few years to perpetuate the “family history.” Today, the hotel has 41 rooms and has successfully reinvented itself after facing doubts due to the COVID crisis.

Cédric Fiora, a true hotelier!

Hotel management was the career he dreamed of since childhood and at the age of 13, he was already taking care of breakfast at the family hotel. That is why at 18, Cédric Fiora decided to go to the United States to obtain his Bachelor’s degree. This marked the beginning of an adventure where he traveled the world (Mexico, Azerbaijan, etc.) and worked in prestigious establishments such as the Royal Hotel and the Hyatt Hotels, before finally settling back at the family home, the Crystal Hotel.

Crystal Hotel Lausanne, a very personal touch

To mark a new era and after significant restoration work, Cédric Fiora decided to put his personal touch, his madness with vintage decoration, very Pop Art at the Crystal Hotel, to offer the customers a unique and unforgettable atmosphere… his own!

“I love color, I love the pop art spirit, I wanted the Crystal Hotel Lausanne to reflect me… to give it a touch of madness,” Cédric Fiora

A Hotel in the center of Lausanne, a unique offer

The Crystal Hotel is located in the heart of the pedestrian and commercial area of Lausanne, the 3-star establishment offers 41 rooms in different styles: Pop Art, colorful and sometimes humorous. The hotel offers accommodations suitable for groups or families at a totally crazy price.

“Our unique offers were created specifically for you, to make your experience the most beautiful memory,” Cédric Fiora.

Crystal Hotel – Lausanne